How exercise can boost your performance at work

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We’re all familiar with the obvious benefits of exercise—regular physical activity can keep us looking and feeling fit and healthy, increase our energy levels and confidence, and help us maintain high levels of self-esteem. Staying active can also help us fight off a wealth of potentially life-threatening illnesses, including strokes, diabetes, and heart disease. What’s more, conquering the often overwhelming “exercise obstacle” and overcoming excuses, apathy, and laziness can remind us that we’re capable of bravely facing any challenge that life throws our way.

In contrast, avoiding exercise and all forms of physical activity like the plague can have the reverse effect. Embracing laziness and inactivity can leave us feeling unhealthy and unfit, send our confidence and energy levels plummeting to the basement, and eat away at our self-esteem. Letting the “exercise obstacle” win the day will surely not inspire and motivate you to set and go after major life goals.

It may seem clear by now that exercising on a regular basis is in your best interest. However, if you’re still not sold, perhaps this will help seal the deal—not only does exercise help fuel and maintain a healthy body, it can actually improve your ability to think and retain information. It’s true—your mind and body are interconnected in amazing ways, and nurturing one will benefit the other.

What exercise does

Although research regarding how exercise and brainpower work together is continual and ongoing, recent studies have shown the following exciting cognitive benefits.

Boosts brainpower: If you’re looking to take your brain’s ability to the next level, you can’t do much better than regular exercise. Studies have shown that exercise can actually increase the volume of key areas in your brain—how’s that for a real boost?

Enhances thinking ability: Regular workouts will help kick away the dreaded “brain fog” that keeps you from thinking clearly and keep your mind and thoughts razor sharp all day long.

Helps you process and remember new information more effectively: If you’re trying to acquire a new skill or task, like learning a new language or tackling a new job responsibility, combining it with regular exercise can be an unbeatable combo. New research suggests that physical activity can increase the size of the medial temporal and prefrontal cortex of your brain, key areas that regulate and control thinking and memory—so you’ll be able to master that new skill faster than ever before.

Improves ability on cognitive tasks: Do you have an important test for work or school coming up? Or maybe you just want to perform better on puzzles and board games? Whatever your mental goals are, you better believe that exercise will help you succeed on all sorts of cognitive tasks that test your intelligence and brainpower.

Keeps away the negatives: Yes, it’s true—regular exercise will help keep your mood positive and upbeat, help you achieve more restful sleep at night, and help reduce anxiety and stress—all things that can help your brain work at its absolute best.

Now that you know all about the many benefits, both physical and mental, that exercise will bring to your life, put the excuses aside and get up and get moving towards your successful future!

Source: The Job Network


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