How “Calories Burned By Exercise Calculator” Can Help You Achieve Your Fitness Goals Faster

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Whether you want to lose, gain or remain the same weight, you’ll need to know how many calories you’re burning and consuming on a daily basis…

Have you ever struggled with weight loss plateaus, or maybe you cannot seem to put on bodyweight (In the form of muscle of course)… well, your struggles have to do with a “unit of energy,” called a calorie. We get our calories come from food/beverages and we can either use them for energy or they become stored as body fat.

How you expend (Use) and consume calories depends on your goals and/or habits…

But, if you’d like to track the number of calories you burn per day, our “Calories Burned by Exercise Calculator” will give you the best possible estimate.

Click the link below to use the Exercise Calculator

Be sure to see your doctor before you use the Exercise calculator.

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