What Happens to your Body During Exercise (Video)

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Amazing things that happen to your body when you exercise! From reducing stress to improving your skin these are incredible fitness transformations that occur when you workout

12. Muscles– According to Livestrong.com, your muscles form some of the integral tissues in your body, and tissue changes occur with resistance exercise. Any form of exercise which includes lifting weights, jogging or doing pushups is some kind of resistance activity being placed on your muscles. When the resistance is greater than what your body can handle, muscle building or muscle hypertrophy is activated. So more blood is driven to the muscles being exercised to give additional oxygen. Without the supplemental oxygen, lactic acid will form in the body instead. But it is usually flushed out of the body within half an hour to an hour after working out. Tiny tears build in the muscle which helps them become active and bigger as the heal. This is perfectly normal. The greater the tear, the more you’ll be sore after exercising. This typically only lasts a few days as soreness means there are changes in your muscles.

11. Heart – As with any workout, your heart rate increases because you’re working much harder than you normally are. How much your rate will go up depends on how fit you are and the type of exercise you’re doing. Training experts vary on how high your heart rate should be when working out, but it does need to be significantly higher than your resting heart rate to enhance your cardiovascular fitness. As you begin your workout, your skeletal muscles compress the veins near them which push the blood towards your heart. They contract and relax, driving extra blood to your heart which causes your heart rate to go up. Within this process, it means you’re putting more labor on your arm and leg muscles which pump more blood to your heart. So when working out your heart will get used to high-level performance, and these changes will minimize your resting heart rate and boost your heart rate recovery after you exercise.

10. Lungs – During your workout, aside from your heart, another vital organ comes in action: the lungs. Your lungs provide energy, oxygen and eliminate carbon dioxide which is created when producing energy. When you have healthy lungs, you keep maintaining a large breathing reserve. You may feel out of breath after intense activity, but you will not be out of breath. When your muscles and your body start to work harder, you will use more oxygen and make more carbon dioxide. To bear with the extra demand, you will start to increase your breathing from about 10 to 15 times a minute. Your circulation will also increase to force oxygen to your muscles so they can keep moving. When your lung function is cut short, you use a larger part of your breathing reserve which can feel uncomfortable as you try to catch your breath. This is entirely normal, and this type of training helps with circulation. Regular exercise activity can improve the function and strength of your lungs, making it more efficient.

9. Skin – When you exercise your increasing blood flow which helps maintain skin cells and keep them nourished. Your blood transports nutrients and oxygen to the cells working throughout your entire body including the skin. In addition, it improves wrinkles and acne and can even reverse skin aging. Also blood flow aids in washing away any waste products which flushes cellular debris from your body. Think of it as cleansing your body but from the inside. Sweating can help drive draw out the toxins in your body, but don’t assume this is a quick fix to vanish pimples. Exercise then shower afterward. Working out also helps to flush out your pores. With aerobic exercise, oxygenated blood circulates throughout your entire body will cause you to glow because your blood vessels fill up closer to the surface. After an intense workout, your vessels dilate which gives your skin a vibrant and healthy look. Not only doing exercise boost your collagen but it’ll help keep your skin firm, elastic and supple.

Please feel free to comment below and tell us more benefits you derive from exercise. Thank you.

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