Why can some people have bad diets and have bad exercise habits and still not get fat?

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The answer is in their body types. There are 3 body types: Endomorph, Ectomorph and Mesomorph.


Someone who has an endomorph body is naturally bigger in size and has a tendency to store more fat than the other two body types. They don’t have much muscle in general to begin with.
This body type needs to carefully monitor what they eat in order not to save up any more fat. They will have to do their best to eat as healthy as possible. Cardio and weight training are the best exercises for this body type in order to lose weight. They need to constantly stay moving in order to burn off the calories.


A mesomorph naturally has quite an atheltic build and is quite slim. They tend to gain muscle easier than the other body types.Sports which require a lot of strength are suitable for this body type. If they want to keep their weight in balance, cardio alongside a little bit of weight training would be perfect.


This body type is quite skinny and pointy. They have small joints, little body fat and don’t have much muscle. These people can eat quite a lot without gaining any weight. Their bodies are suitable for things like running but can also perfectly participate in things like weight training with the necessary resistance.

We’ll bring more on this article later. Stay tuned!

Source: Quora.com

Written by Sandra Vernon, who studied Dietetics & Nutrition at Homeschooling

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