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There are almost countless health benefits to regular exercise, including heart strength, weight loss, and decreased insulin resistance. Walking or running on a treadmill is an excellent source of exercise that puts less stress on the body than walking or running on a flat surface outdoors. Treadmills also offer the option for careful heart rate and blood pressure monitoring for patients suffering from those issues. This information helps patients determine how much exercise they handle and when to stop. Here are just some of the important health benefits of exercising on the treadmill.


Treadmills are very useful in the diagnosis of heart disease, coronary artery blockages, and other cardiac issues. The body may not show symptoms of heart disease or blockage until it is put under stress, and using a treadmill is an effective way to put a body under stress while closely monitoring the patient’s vital signs. Treadmill tests are often performed on patients who are not currently experiencing symptoms of heart problems, but show risk factors such as high cholesterol.

Researchers from Johns Hopkins Medicine have found that women and men that have inconclusive or abnormal treadmill test results are at least twice as likely to die from heart disease as people whose test results are normal. It’s possible for exercise stress tests performed on a treadmill to show a false positive result, so these test should always be follow up with others such as:

  • Echo Stress Test: An exercise stress test that uses an echocardiogram to measure the heart function.
  • Cardiac Catheterization: The insertion of a catheter into a specific chamber, vessel, or artery of the heart to spot a blockage or determine the severity of heart disease.
  • Nuclear Stress Test: Uses a tiny dose of a radioactive solution to evaluate heart function and blood flow to the heart.

Regular aerobic exercise, such as a treadmill workout regimen, improves blood circulation in the body and helps to lower blood pressure by strengthening the heart. Aerobic exercise also helps to protect against blood vessel disease and heart disease by lowering low density lipoprotein (bad cholesterol) and raising levels of high density lipoprotein (good cholesterol). Anyone with heart issues should talk to their doctor before starting any exercise program to ensure that they don’t put too much stress on their body or interfere with their medications.


Treadmills are an ideal way to encourage people to exercise regularly, and regular exercise is a very important factor in controlling insulin levels in type 2 diabetics. According to a study published in the Indian Journal of Clinical Biochemistry regular exercise decreases blood sugar levels in diabetic patients. The combination of diet and exercise is the best way to control diabetes symptoms in patients that are not insulin dependent. Each patient should consult their doctor before starting their exercise routine because exercise that is too intense can actually raise blood sugar levels.

Exercising for less than 20 minutes at a time usually causes the liver to release stored glucose for fuel, but a session of at least 20 minutes is more beneficial because it causes the muscles to take in glucose for fuel and lowers overall blood glucose levels. Using a treadmill for regular exercise often allows patients to lower their blood glucose levels enough that their medication levels can be adjusted or eliminated. Working out regularly also helps to regulate the hormones that induce sleep and facilitates better sleep. Regular sleep cycles are another factor that keeps blood sugar levels stable.


Fit women exercising at the gym on an x-trainer

Exercising regularly is a great way to keep the body in good shape and decrease levels of disease. The heart is the most important muscle in the body and it needs exercise to stay in top shape. Treadmills are the best exercise machines for people starting their fitness journey because they are easy to use and put less stress on the body than many types of workouts. Most experts recommend that people exercise at least five days per week, for 20-60 minutes. A feat easily accomplished with a treadmill.


TECHNOFITNESS F-45 TREADMILL (Home, Office, Personal Home Gym)

Very Affordable and durable

Technofitness F45 TREADMILL

Input Voltage: 220V

Frequency: 50/60Hz

Running area: 1350x470mm

Function: Time, Speed, Distance, Calorie, Heart rate, MP3 input, Bluetooth App

Speed Range: 1.0 – 18km/h

Incline: 0-15% auto incline

Max User weight: 130kg

Power: 3.0HP

Technofitness DFT-9300 Commercial Treadmill with Touch Screen LCD Display, bluetooth, USB, MP3 Music port and many other features.

Technofitness DFT-9300 Treadmill


Running belt thickness :2.5mm

Drive Motor: Greatwall 3.0 – 6.0HP AC Actual        

Speed range : 0.8 – 20 KM/H

Incline Motor : 1100 lb thrust ( Incline ) : 0-20%                                                                                                       

Max loading weight : 180 KG

Display Type : 21.5″ LED display  (Touch Button) (one button quick start )

N.W/G.W: 261/351kg

Fold: Non Folding

Running belt size: 560*1562MM (22*61.5″)

Belt Type: Free Oiling

Carton size: 2300*1080*600 MM in Wooden Box

Program: Manual 7+ 12Programs

Deck Thikness: 25mm

Front Roller Size : 90mm ( belt wheel : 125mm)    Rear Roller size : 90mm   

End Cap Material : ABS plastic                        

Bottle Holder : Yes

Heart Rate : Hand Grasp type   

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